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Unless otherwise noted, all photographs were taken of the roses in our gardens located in Needville, Texas (zone 8b.)

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Souvenir de la Mme. Leonie Viennot

This photo is from a customer that used her on a chain link fence. Very nice!

This is an incredibly vigorous climber. We would suggest a rustic fence where you can just let it go to do its thing. It only blooms for us in the spring, but the flowers are well worth waiting for. They are creamy yellow with a bit of a pink wash, with the famous Tea fragrance. It will easily get to 20'.

aka: Souv. de Mme Léonie Viennot
Souvenir de Madame Léonie Viennot
Souvenir de Mme Léonie Viennot

Bred in Lyon, France in 1897 by Alexandre Bernaix.