The Vintage Rosery
Needville, Texas

Unless otherwise noted, all photographs were taken of the roses in our gardens located in Needville, Texas (zone 8b.)


`Sombreuil' is a hardy, but thorny, climbing white Tea. The blooms are large, flat and very double. It has a delicious Tea fragrance. It is a good rose to train up a pillar or on a fence. Ours have been nearly smothered for years by `Alistair Stella Grey', so have not grown as much as they should. Now that it is free to enjoy the sun, it should get from 8' to 12' tall.

aka: Colonial White
Madame de Sombreuil
Mlle. de Sombreuil
Mme. de Sombreuil

Bred in France in 1850 by M. Robert.