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Unless otherwise noted, all photographs were taken of the roses in our gardens located in Needville, Texas (zone 8b.)

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Madame Ernest Calvet
`Mme. Ernst Calvat' is a sport of `Mme. Isaac Pereire'. The new growth is a plum color, which contrasts beautifully with the light pink/blush color of the blooms. The blooms are just as large as `Mme. Isaac's' and as fragrant as well. Bourbon roses are at their best in the fall. The cooler weather encourages larger blooms. It can be pegged, since it too has long canes of up to 8'.

aka: Madame Ernest Calvat
Mme Ernest Calvat
Mme Ernst Calvat
Pink Bourbon

Bred in Lyon, France in 1888 by Joseph Schwartz and family.