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Unless otherwise noted, all photographs were taken of the roses in our gardens located in Needville, Texas (zone 8b.)

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Carefree Beauty
This rose was found in Katy, Texas by Dr. and Mrs. Stahl of Houston and has recently been identified as 'Carefree Beauty'. It is extremely well suited to our climate having very little problem with disease or insects. The blooms are vivid pink, semi-double and open from long buds. In the fall you'll be rewarded with large orange hips. “Katy Road Pink” can get very large, so prune it to keep it the size you like.

April 2001
We planted this Katy Road in a large container, which is keeping her overall size to about half of one planted in the ground.

aka: Audace
Carefree Beauty

Bred in United States in 1977 by Dr. Griffith J. Buck through the Iowa State University.