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Unless otherwise noted, all photographs were taken of the roses in our gardens located in Needville, Texas (zone 8b.)

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Autumn Damask
Prior to 1819
We are a really too far south to grow this rose successfully, but its fragrance is well worth the effort. In our climate, its form is kind of straggly. It is very thorny. It is one of the only Damask roses to bloom more than once during the growing season. If it were grown in some shade during the hottest part of the day, it would probably look much better than our specimens do. The very double blooms are light pink and the fragrance is a very heady “rose” scent.

aka: Bifera
Castilian (Damask, before 1600)
Damascena bifera
Four Seasons
Four Seasons Rose
Old Castilian
Quatre Saisons
R. damascena bifera
R. damascena semperflorens
R. x damascena 'Bifera'
R. x damascena 'Quatre Saisons'
Rose de Castile
Rose des Quatre Saisons
Rose of Castile
Rose of Paestum
Rosier des Quatre Saisons
Royal Four Seasons
Semperflorens (Damask)
The Alexandria Rose
Trachyean Rose